Friends Keep Us Smiling

I have had a rough couple of weeks.  Nothing particularly awful, just a plethora of stressful days all jammed together.  We all have them.  You know what makes these weeks better?  Girlfriends.  I mean the kind of friends you can text a highly inappropriate meme to and they will immediately send an even more tasteless one right back.  The kind of friends who automatically dislike the people you dislike, just because you say so.  The kind of friends who will listen to your murder plans and not call authorities because they know you are just in a mood.  I do believe girlfriends save us from ourselves on weeks like this.  Here’s why…

Reason #1: Girlfriends want the very best for you.  If you go shopping with a friend and see something you like, but don’t really need and shouldn’t really buy, here’s your girlfriend, “Girl, you gotta get that.  It is PERFECT for you. It looks just like you.  You KNOW you deserve that.  You work harder than anyone I have ever seen work.  You get that for yourself!”  No one else is going to say that to you!  Your husband will try to get you to save money for stupid things like dishwashers and new tires.  Your family members will try to talk sense into you.  Only girlfriends will want you to just have sheer shopping joy until the credit card bill comes in.  

Reason #2: If someone takes “a tone” with you, your girlfriends will help you plot his/her demise.  They will not ask you to see things from the other person’s perspective or some other crap like that.  When you are good and aggravated, nothing feels better than plotting a revenge that you may or may not actually take.  There will be time for actual logic and reasoning when you have cooled down.  In the heat of the moment, it is best to plot out how you can make the offender pay the price for having crossed you.  Girlfriends are the best at this.  They will drop everything to help you.  If they do not, be wary.  Girlfriends who immediately ask to hear both sides of the story cannot be trusted with deep, dark secrets.

Reason #3: Girlfriends will make you belly laugh.  Not giggle.  Not tee hee.  Not smile broadly.  You will find yourselves so humorous that you will feel sorry for everyone who is not hearing your hilarious conversations.  No one else will find you as funny as you find yourselves, because you have so many old stories that you just say one catch phrase and you all dissolve into laughter.  Actually, it really only takes a certain look and you all start laughing.  It is highly annoying to everyone around you.  This is also something you find funny.

Reason #4: You can text your girlfriends all day long, about anything.  In line at Wal-mart, text your friends.  Waiting at the doctor’s office, text your friends.  Watching TV, text your friends.  See a funny TikTok, send it to your friends.  Husbands find this behavior extremely odd.  “WHO are you texting now????”  “Can’t you do anything without texting them?”  “It is the middle of the night [8:30 P.M.], who is texting you??”  

Reason #5: One of your friends will know the answer to almost any question.  It’s better than Google.  My friends and I together have accumulated a vast array of knowledge that is really quite astounding.  Need to know who starred in a certain movie filmed in 1984?  I have a friend for that.  Need to know what to put on an infected mosquito bite?  I have a friend for that.  Need to know the best places to eat in Dallas, Texas?  I have a friend for that.  

Reason #6: Your friends will be there for you, no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if you are having a good day or a bad day, they are there for you.  They celebrate your birthdays and bring you soup when you are sick.  They are happy when you are happy, and sad when you are sad.  It’s all part of the deal.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  

I felt very grateful for my friends this week.  They kept me smiling when I could have been frowning.  I hope I am able to do the same for them.  Love you all!

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